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EasyOnlinePortals designs and operates industry leading bulletin board style portals across the globe. Our innovative design approach means that all the portals will be developed with User in mind to be easy to use, incorporating good values and integrity. We develop to have reasonable security, try to manage or eliminate fraudulent users without the restrictions regularly associated with web development, and every portal is designed with the core values EasyOnline Portals in mind.

We are entering the Online Media market at a very exciting time and forsee incredible opportunities.

Our core principles involve:

• Designed with the User experience in mind
• Simplicity of portal operation - Easy access to information, Easy to understand and Easy to use.
• Outstanding Customer Service
• Fee systems that are Easy to understand
• Honest, Open, with Minimal collection of data
• Limited Banner Advertising, Unrelated Pop-Ups
• Maintain high integrity of relevant content
• Good Global Citizens - Contribute wealth and content back into the Societies that need it.
• Focus on what we do - Building and Operating Industry Leading Portals - and outsource everything else
• Have Fun, Be Vibrant, Be Memorable and Unashamedly Generate and Share Wealth!

We commenced operations as a joint Australian and European venture in June 2006. Our unique architecture comprising the central database and search facility, along with our first Easy portals, the EasySell family of online classified advertising space were launched in Beta in October 2007. We have continued under development, refining the user experience and proudly launched version 4 of EasySell in September 2008. In November 2008 we made the strategic decision to add Online Shopping to the EasySell Portals. We have already made, and continue to make, significant investment in market research and securing domain registration for future development in appropriate markets.

EasyOnlinePortals Pty Limited is an Australian registered private company, and it is fully funded by two of the founders.
We have head office based in Brisbane Australia, and a concept and design office in the European Union.

The Founders are business people with extensive experience, including successful start up environments. The Business Plan was developed for a sustainable small company without revenue pressure in the early development years. Easy Online brand is being developed with vision for the long term and in anticipation of many significant; market changes, including taking advantage of potential growth through the forecast downturn in some key markets.

We are excited, passionate and devoted to providing excellent quality portals in markets across the globe where a need is identified and a sound business case can be made.

We believe that being a good global corporate citizen is also a compelling part of our story, that in this wonderful virtual world that has offered so many so much, it is reasonable to be accountable to give something back. To commit to this belief it is a principle that a % of revenue for every Easy Online Portal is donated to environmental organisations nominated. You will find specific details on the individual portals as they are launched.

If you are interested in further information or investing in this exciting concept for global communication please contact us at information@easyonlineportals.com

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Rudy Pauwels

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Rudy Pauwels is co-founder of Easy Online Portals Pty Limited, the company behind the EasySell and EasyGreen brand of portals. He spent 22 years with a European police agency, before deciding to design and invest in a better way to shop online. He was initially involved with the design and launch of EasySell in Australia, NZ and USA. Predominantly European based, he focuses on the marketing for all of Easy Online Portals internet brands. His mission is to make EasySell a recognised and established consumer brand of classified and online shopping portals in key markets. Rudy is a passionate environmentalist and his other personal interests include tennis, flying small aircraft, and motorbikes.

You can contact Rudy directly on rudy.pauwels@easyonlineportals.com or via any EasySell Information link.

Terrie Anderson is a co-founder of Easy Online Portals Pty Limited, the company behind the EasySell brand of portals Terrie recently accepted the role of CEO to accelerate the business growth of the group. Terrie is an Australian, and spends her time between Australia and Europe. Terrie has a senior executive background in the IT sector and considerable experience in start up and rapid growth environments. Her mission is to take EasySell to the top three position in key markets. Terries personal interests include environmental issues, animals, history, adventure travel, wine, rugby, sailing and classic motorbikes. You can check Terries complete profile on http://www.linkedin.com/in/terrieanderson

You can contact Terrie directly on terrie.anderson@easyonlineportals.com or via any EasySell information link.

Terrie Anderson

EasyOnlinePortal.com - Terrie

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Registered Office:

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