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EasyOnlinePortal.com - Investors EasyOnlinePortals offers investors a ground floor opportunity to invest in this exciting new concept for global media.

EasyOnlinePortals is committed to the development of two high integrity online brands as well as powerful, dynamic internet marketing of new high value/volume products for our key online markets.

• EasySell a commercial family of Portals aimed at providing online media advertising and gateways.
• EasyGreen a family of portals devoted to environmental change initiatives.

Online Marketing: We won't invent the products, we will reinvent the way they are marketed to the online community.

Franchise Opportunities Available!

There are ground floor franchise opportunities available for EasySell classified portals in many countries, and new initiatives coming that will also be open to franchise. This way EasySell can be recognised for acting locally with local management and ownership but supported globally with common strategies, vision and goals. The cost of entering an EasySell franchise is far less than the cost of developing a stand alone portal, and associated search and database applications. Specialist Affiliate Marketing Opportunities Welcome!

If you have developed a fabulous product, but don?t know how to market aggressively online, or haven?t had time or success online ? then talk to us! We will discuss your product, and what we think we can do with it, we will then put in place an appropriate shared risk arrangement with minimal upfront cost to you. If we don?t think we can do it, we will say so, that is our promise!

If you have the product, we have the online marketing skills!

Currently EasyOnlinePortals is fully funded by the founders, and whilst we do not need additional funding to grow at the planned rate, there is significant advantage to gain by being much faster to market. Ideally, additional funding would allow us to parallel develop additional portals and shorten time to market considerably. This ensures, of course, maximised return on investment by capitalisation on market gaps when they are identified.

EasyOnlinePortals is interested to hear from investors prepared to consider a substantial investment in the form of seed capital, or round one financing.

We are very open to innovative ideas. Consideration will be given to joint ventures in local markets where opportunity is identified and quantified.

We are also interested in hearing from smaller investors ( minimum 10k usd) who may be interested in a possible limited release of private share parcels in the near future.

Please contact us by sending an initial email to information@easyonlineportals.com