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Small Business Websites

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Small Business Web Package

This is the perfect, low cost web solution for:

• Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars.

• Boutique Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Lodges

• Wineries

• Tourist Attractions

• Insurance and Financial Services

• Computer and IT Services

• Trades People

• Mechanics and Repair Services

• Landscapers and Garden Maintenance

• and many more small businesses.

Note: It is not recommended for Online Retail or Wholesale Shops, however we do have cost effective solutions for you based upon your needs. Just contact us for more information.

What does the Small Business Web Package Offer You?

• Professional Website With Home Page and About Us Page Your business looks attractive online. You provide a feeling of trust for your customers with a professional online front door and information about who you are.
• YOU can make changes Allowing you to update text, photos, add photos, add special offers when you want to. This means no additional, unplanned cost.
• Contact Us Form Every contact emailed directly to you, never miss an opportunity.
• Capture Contacts Add people to a database and allows you to email them directly with special offers and a newsletter. Grow your business through keeping in touch with interested people. Allows you to promote your business effectively.
• Gallery of Photos Add or Delete your photos whenever you want with captions, allows you to further promote your business or have a 'social' page.
• Products Page Show a Menu, show your room types, describe your services, add wine tasting notes etc.
• Online Bookings If you have an online booking agency, we can provide a link directly to that service with 'Check Availability', and 'Book Now' Hot Buttons. If you prefer to do your own bookings we can provide a booking contact form, referred directly to your email.
• Location Page Show your address, hours of operation, and best of all a fabulous interactive map, with clear directions of how to get there from wherever your customer is located!
• Area Information Page Sell your area, attract new visitors to your business with good information and links to other non-competitive businesses.
• Keywords Your website is delivered with your chosen keywords already loaded, this means your visitors can find you.
• BONUS OFFER • You will receive FREE a link and advertisement on EasySells websites directing interested visitors to your site;

• You will also receive a list of helpful tips on what YOU can do free of charge, or for low cost, to promote your website and increase the exposure on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask etc.
• *Hosting Your website needs to 'live' somewhere that people can access it 24x7. If you do not have a service provider, we can recommend a host for you and provide you the links to sign up for as little as around $10 AUD per month.
• *Domain Registration We can show you how to register your domain name, so that you own it, you control what happens to it! This is a small extra cost to you that must be paid annually to the registrar, normally it will just be between $15 and $30 per year.
"YOU have CONTROL" The big difference with our Easy Small Business Web Package is that YOU are in the driving seat! No more waiting for your webmaster to have time to make small changes, or upload your latest menu or tariff. No more costs that were unplanned for the regular running of your online business.

If you have an existing, restrictive html website that you would like to change over to our Small Business Web Package, then we will offer you an additional 10% discount if you stay with the same design.

* Services marked thus, are not provided by Easy Online Portals and are therefore an additional charge as indicated directly with the supplier. Business Needs , that are outside the standard package as outlined above may be chargeable as extras, and would become a tailored website. However, where possible the features would be included within the package. All costs are agreed in writing before we start, so you know what you have to pay. Terms are 50% deposit and 50% paid on delivery of approved website content, whether or not online, as that is outside of our control.

Small Business Web Package is just $995 excl GST.

Yes, for less than a thousand dollars you will have a professional website, with all the features listed above!

YOU will be in Control of your online business, not your webmaster!

No more hassles or unplanned costs!

Contact Us Today to arrange your Small Business Web Package.